True German beer is awesome.  In an earlier post I stated that I learned to like good beer drinking Belgium brews.  But when it really comes down to it my German heritage comes through and I like clean, true, German beer.  There is something to be said about a product that can be so vast with just 4 ingredients.  Penn Brewery is a great example of German style brews.  I'm confident that I have not drank a bad beer from them yet.  This beer most recently won silver metal at the Great American Beer fest in German-Style Doppelbock or Eisbock.

From the pour of this beer you get a deep amber almost burnt copper color to it.  The head froths up with a decent white one finger thickness that lasts for awhile on top of this brew.  First sip impression is that there is a malty caramel goodness waiting to be drank.  The styles typically uses a Hallertau hop so I'm assuming this is the variety used in this brew.  The hops are present but hide them self conveniently under the nice semi-sweet caramely goodness.  I drank this beer straight from the fridge and it didn't last long enough to warm.  I get the impression though that this beer would be better enjoyed at a slightly warmer temp.  I believe this is actually the brew I recently drank at Fat Heads in Pittsburgh on cask.  What I remember from that beer was that the warmer temp and lower carbonation made this a very sip able brew worthy of any gold medal.  I see that the brew that took gold in this category was Autumnal Fire Capital Brewery Co. from the GABF Winners page.  I will be adding this beer to my wish list.

The thing I like about this beer is that it is full of "holiday cheer".  At 6.5% alcohol it is warming to the soul and almost as nice to drink as mom's chicken noodle soup is to eat on those cold winter days.

Personal note:  I'm actually feeling the start of something in the back of my head and sore throat so hopefully this brew will help kick it out of me.  If not this could be the start of a 3-4 day tough beer journey.  Have no fear - I shall drink either way but it may not be easy.  Good night and get some rest - Monday is always the hardest day of the week.