_Papa Elf: Oh, hello. You're, uh, you're probably here about the story.
[the pages flip to show Papa Elf talking to the camera]
Papa Elf: Elves love to tell stories. I-I'll bet you didn't know that about elves. There's, uh, probably a lot of things you didn't know about elves. Another, another interesting, uh, elfism, uh, there are only three jobs available to an elf. The first is making shoes at night while, you know, while the old cobbler sleeps.
[Cuts to elves doing work on the cobbler's shoes while the cobbler snores with his head on the table]
Disgruntled Cobbler Elf: Lazy bum! Couldn't even make a clog!
Papa Elf: You can bake cookies in a tree.
[Cuts to exterior view of a tree, which bursts into flames]
Papa Elf: As you can imagine, it's, uh, dangerous having an oven in an oak tree during the dry season.
[the elves inside run out screaming]
Tree Elf: I want to make shoes!
Papa Elf: But the third job, some call it, uh, "the show" or "the big dance," it's the profession that every elf aspires to. And that is to build toys in Santa's workshop.

This beer is enough to make you mad though I'm not sure why this particular elf is mad.  Therefore, I went out to the Troegs' site to see if I could find the story.  Maybe he was fired from Santa Workshop and sent to work in the tree house making cookies.  After all, no elf would be happy being transferred to such an unsafe profession trying to bake cookies inside of a tree.  Or maybe someone called him short; or a midget; I don't know.  This elf is Mad.

As I write this I stop and review the label on the brew, maybe they are using the term Mad in a different way.  I look at the bottle I begin to think.  He isn't an angry elf.  Maybe he is mad or CRAZY.  The "jolly" elf stands with an empty glass of brew with both eyes a bit crossed.  He has a green funnel circling behind him in the background.  The elf almost seems to be beckoning me to follow him into the green psychedelic tunnel.   He holds over his right shoulder a couple of red cherries with yellow cherry stems as if they are holding all the presences that lie in this bottom.  That must be why they talk of "jolly/cheerful/warming the heart" on the site and the bottle.  Troegs seems to leave this decision of "MAD" in the trusted hands of its holder and their own imagination.  Trust me when I say 2 or three of these 12 oz'rs will have your imagination rolling.  These bottles weigh in at a huge 11% alcohol.  But the cherries, honey and sweetness seem to mask that alcohol as I remember some of the sweet flavors of the first wine coolers I ever tried did to the alcohol from with in their own bottles.

This beer pours an almost cheery red.  Looking down into the glass I feel like I have to stir or filter for the cherry stems.  They have to be hidden in this drink some where.  There just can't be any way to get this much cherry BURST in a normal every day ale.  This is not your normal every day brew.  This is Cheerful; Happy; JOLLY.  The pour was a nice mellow pour with a gentle head.  The head disappears faster than "Thomas the Elf" (Our elf on the shelf that visits every year before Christmas) does on Christmas morning.  Maybe the head too is heading for warmer weather in the tropics as I suspect Thomas does once he packs his bags at the North Pole after working so hard watching my girls.  The taste is explosive.  It is extreme sweet; almost to sweet if you aren't ready for it.  I liken the sweetness to maybe a Mad Dog 20/20!  Yes, I compared a Troegs to a Maddog.  No it isn't disgusting and wino like in any way - just sweet.  That is what we do here at 365!  We push the envelope!  We get a little crazy (usually when drinking an 11% ale).  But if you are ready for it, it isn't to sweet; so be ready!  The honey is there to help.  They must be using the honey and cherry tastes to mask the alcohol and to make this beer seem happier and fun.  Which in itself is a little crazy mad and honestly down right sneaky!  There is actually a nice bouquet to this beer.  I can put my nose in to the glass and breath in all the goodness.  I smell almost the same cherry goodness you get when you open a jar of red cherries.  The mouth feel is very vibrant and soddsy!   The carbonation explodes in your mouth and makes it light and fresh.

Over all I really like this beer.  I could not and would not recommend drinking more then 2 or maybe 3 if you are feeling a bit frisky!  But it is a great Christmas seasonal brew.  So, Christmas is over.  Thomas is long gone and warm in some tropical island get-away (well deserved mind you).  Yet I sit here day in and day out working my nose to a grind.  Each day, trudging across the hall to a bank of monitors that sit there anxiously awaiting my stone cold glare as I attempt to make a quarter or two to pay the Christmas bills that Santa left behind.  I'm lucky to find myself in the situation that this brew was left over.  I will definitely be seeking another one of these in 11 more months.  Because, if you didn't realize there is only 342 shopping days left till next Christmas.  So, here is to Christmas 2011 - you were extremely good to me and the family here at 365 beers!  And cheers to 2012 - so far these 17 days in have brought the family here at 365 much happiness and joy!

Note: The beginning quotes come compliments of  imdb quotes