I spent most of this night working on the website.  I'm working on improving my HTML coding.  Something I wish I would play with more and have learned by now.  Yes, I know how to do a lot out here but I'm not as proficient as I'd like.  I'm still learning and hoping this 365 journey will improve this talent as well.  See drinking really can't lead me to more education.

I'd love to provide a history lesson tonight on Trappist Yeast.  I really would.  I may do this later in the year when I myself attempt to learn more about the beers.  For your own pleasure and service I've included a link to their site Chimay.com.  The quick and simple is - this beer is brewed by trappist monks.  It is brewed in the monastery that the monks live/breath/teach/learn.  Its been around since 1862.  This is a Belgium brewery.  They make cheeses and beers - the key factor is that they both use yeast.  One interesting note is that it wasn't till 1948 that someone actually isolated the unique yeast cells for these brews.  Seems that is something that would have been found long before.  But hey, that is why the science of brewing is so amazing.

I think there is a time I would have really loved this brew.  Don't get me wrong - I don't want to be struck by lightning talking down or bad about this beer.  I think it is a tremendous brew.  Its just a little much for my liking.  And maybe that is because I"m not in the mood for a brew tonight.  Maybe Its because I'm serving it a little colder then it should be.  Maybe its because I'm sick of sitting in front of this computer tonight and would rather be catching up on some tv and couch time with my lovely wife.  What ever the reason its not my cup of tea tonight.  But I'll give it a shot.

This pours a foggy unfiltered brown.  It is a very distinct brown also.  There isn't really a red'sh tint or blackness to it.  It is brown - as brown as the bottle it is served in.  The nose is complex.  I really smell a lot in this beer but again I have to work on my smells.  I definitely smell some sort of hoppy strength coming from this brew.  Maybe a bit sweet and definitely a huge hop aroma.  Taste - the taste is spicy.  It is sort of a hoppy brew that has some caremel notes attempting to cut through.  You can definitely get the 9% alcohol and almost a wooden oak cask type taste to it.  It has some light bitey characterists of a bourbon with out the nosey burns that come with it.  The mouth feel is explosive.  I think it sort of explodes in my mouth with carbonation and head.  Its almost more heady in your mouth then in the glass.  Its has an almost airy texture to it because of all the bubbly carbonation.  The finish is a dry one for sure.  I think this would be a good beer to sit out back and smoke a nice large cigar.

Today was a busy day and I don't really have more in me to give the history.  I'm bummed because I was hopeful I would have some good stuff for you to read and catch up on.  You'll have to wait till my next trappist and hope that I'm in a better mood!  haha... have a great night and I'll catch you tomorrow.