I've made the announcement on Facebook that this week is economy week.  I'll sure this wso first of many I'm sure.  I don't expect many of the beers to be of 'value' to talk much about; so true to form I'm giving a buy one get one blog tonight of last night and tonight's beer in one blog.  The way I see it, the economy is in the dog house and I haven't asked you to pay me a penny.  Heck I haven't even added any commercial(s) or banners to this site yet.  Partially because I am not sure the best way to go about it; or if there is a better or worse site to use for the ads.  I guess a larger part is because I never really wanted this blog to be  about that.  Though, I gotta say, making a few extra bucks doing something I love would be REALLY nice.  Honestly, some day being able to support my family doing something I LOVE (involving beer) instead of working for the man in computer programming at the company I've been at for 15+ years is definitely very appealing.

Also while we are on the subject of the economy, something else I'm hopeful for is a slight increase in interest rates for mortgages.  I am currently in the market to buy a house - so this may sound slightly odd me wishing for this but I have a mission.  The reality is I'm in the market of SELLING a house first.  And I'm of the belief that a slight upturn in interest rates may start moving some people into the thought of buying now (motivation).  This would be "good for me!"  I need buyers.  I need a perfect buyer that is looking for a great 3 bedroom 2.5 bath condo half way between the airport and the city.  The location couldn't be more perfect for the young professional in Pittsburgh.  I'm thinking my "perfect" buyer will be the young professional looking for a great investment opportunity.  Or the older retired couple looking to "downsize" though our townhouse is actually a decent sized living quarter.  This is the PERFECT home for a young retired couple looking to get out of the daily chores of mowing the grass, shoveling the outdoors, painting the exterior, ect.  Please everyone reading this if you could do me a favor and pray a little prayer to who/what ever you believe in (personally our family has been praying to St Joseph the husband of Mary and foster father of Jesus) I would thank you from the deepest of my heart.  St Joeseph, A carpenter by trade, knew all about moving, selling homes and finding new ones (as per the "Joseph Homeseller Kit" I had received as a gift from my in-laws bought from the OLDEST existing Catholic Church in the country).

So, as the economy stinks so do economy beers.  I'm not a snob and there isn't many beers I've turned down.  There are a few beers that I have had a really hard time stomaching.  In general, I can drink just about anything.  Last night's beer, Castello Premium Beer is an interesting one.  I usually like to provide a LINK like this one.  But I am not very sure this is the right one.  As the beers on the site do not look like the label I have in the pic.  I also saw something on a site about a Las Vegas Beer & Beverage Company that had similar bottles on the site.  Yet to find the bottle that I found.  That said, I don't feel like doing much more research.  I know I found another Blog that wrote a review about this (it was last night or the night before and I can't seem to find it again - sorry for not being able to provide the link).  Anyway, it wasn't my cup of tea.  It poured a bright yellow in color.  It was bubbly in the beer but the head was fairly non-existent.  The taste was a typical cheaper lager taste of malt and slight hops.  It had a really bitter after taste that was really not personally appealing to me.  This beer was given to me complements of my father in law.  He should be back home in Pittsburgh in two weeks and I can't wait to "thanks him" for this beer.

Also provided by my father-in-law - Natural Light brought to us by glorious and all powerful Anheuser-Busch.  Insert sarcasm where appropriate.  I'm not even sure I'd like to give their site props as accessing their site was not easy.  Thankfully they do have an "age checker" on the first page (though I'm not really sure I understand this practice on the web - yes, in theory I know what it is there for but if I'm 16 or 18 and on a computer I think I can do the math to make me prove that I'm 21).  Anyway, their age checker was HORRIBLE.  I attempted to enter my date 3 times and then it REDIRECTED ME to another site - I didn't pay ANY ATTENTION TO.  I went back only to get the link.  And I really can't believe that I went to the site in the first place.  Anyway, are you sensing my dislike of this company and product?  OK, maybe not product yet, but let me describe Natural Light (aka Nati-light) as one step up from pond water.  There is really little redeeming taste benefit to this beer what-so-ever.  There is NO texture to the liquid in your mouth.  This is basically water with a bit of food coloring adding to attempt to bring out some yellow - though a dull clear yellow it is.  And the taste, well there is a hint of hoppy bitterness in the back of your mouth.  And I'd be giving it credit to say I taste any malty goodness at all.  Honestly, the non-flavored seltzer waters I have in my fridge from Market District Grocery Store have more flavor then this beer does.  Yes, yes, this beer does have some uses; you may use it to soak the rusty nuts/bolts you have in your garage to help break down the rust; it may not be terrible to use for a seafood boil for shrimp and crabs with tons of Old Bay Seasoning; it is probably not even bad for say finishing up anything strenuous on a hot summer day - provided this is a degree above freezing right out of the freezer.  So, there - see - even though I do not like it, I could possibly seem some merit to purchasing, using, or own this in your house. 

So there you have it.  Two beers for the price of one - That is Economical!  Thanks for reading and please keep coming back for refills!!