Hello all, so 15 days in and still having a good time with this.  Of course, there is another 351 days to go.  So far most of the 15 beers that I've tried are ones I've had in the past at one point or another. I'd love to get my hands on a few rare gems over the next few weeks.  I'll have to keep my eyes and ears open.

So, tonights beer is an imperial stout by Brooklyn Brewery.  This beer almost seems angry.  So very angry!  It pours into the glass strong and angry.  The head billows to the top a dark chocolate brown.  And settles to a silky/creamy blanket on top of the beer.  The nose on this beer is even angry!  Once I place my nose in the glass and smell I get kicked in the face with a chocolatey spicey hop aroma.  You even get an almost cherry type aroma that pulls through the smell.  The taste of this beer is... you guessed it ANGRY!  Now, because I've just got braces Wednesday my mouth is a mess.  My tongue is all cut up and my teeth feel like they are being attacked by 100 vice grips.  Because of this, my taste buds are bit ripped up and I'm missing some notes that could really pop through.  But on the front of my tongue is a very spicy bite.  It tingles and burns a little on the tip of my tongue.  As I swish it through my mouth I get hints of chocolate, maybe a huge amout of roaster grains and even a bit of coffee comes through.  It has a lot going on.  You might notice a hint of sweet almost fruity bite from the hops shining through.  As it fills your mouth, it is thick rich and creamy.  It blakets your tongue like a heavy fleece blankey.

Over all this beer is nice.  Its very complex to pick out all the flavors and notes in the smell.  At 10% alcohol this beer is not for the weak of heart.  Please proceed with caution when you see this brew come towards you.  The name, Black Chocolate Stout, may at first sound harmless.   But proceed with caution; this beer will put a hurting on you!  If you can tame it and teach it to be nice, I would suggest maybe some nice fresh WARM homemade chocolate chip cookies with this.  I might even imagine putting a scoop of vanilla ice cream in this beer and having it as a float.  But, if you aren't careful, and the beer beats you - I suggest you just going with it and have some extremely strong and or smoked cheeses to be at the ready and assist you with the ride.  It will over power the weakest palettes.