OK, so I'm a bit tired, and under the weather so - hopefully one of the beer experts reading this blog can help me out.  I found this name 'Brouwerij Van Honsebrouch' and thought it was the name of the brewery.  Then I go to the website.  The website is a little clunky with the flash that it uses.  It is a cute idea attempting to send you through the castle as you view their pages but to me is quite annoying.  The confusing part is when I reached the site I found that this was the home of Kasteelbier.  I'm not sure if Kasteel is the brewery?  If Brouwerij is the parent brewery?  Just not sure of the layout of this one.  Anyone that has info on this I'd be interested in hearing.  The site did not really provide a lot of detail on that.

Anyway, enough about that - more about the beer.  I actually am really glad I've found sour brews.  Its just a really nice change of pace from your normal every day beer.  That said, they are definitely an acquired taste and I would not recommend this beer to people that are just starting to branch out and try "new beers".  It was a brownish color in the glass.  Definitely hazy and maybe a little yellow.  But that does not show up in the picture I have to the left.  I was sort of surprised by the color; I was expecting it to be a light color like the last sour beer.  The smell was very distinct fruity ester yeasty blend.  I got a huge amount of citric lemony sour taste in every sip.  The nice thing that I found was that it was a balance of strong sour bite and a solid body to support it.  It put me in the mind set of a lambic style bubbly brew but not quite so sweet.  To me, it had almost more of a wine or carbonated wine beverage characteristic to it then beer.  I really wouldn't describe this as a typical beer flavor.  There was a nice head that stuck around for the entire glass.

I will definitely be pursuing more of these sour beers in the future.  I really am finding a quality about these that to me is very appealing.  I do not believe many people I was hanging out with were very interested in the flavors.  'Lite' even suggested the beer tasted and smelled of 'ass'.  He was not hiding any fact that he DID NOT LIKE this beer.  And would NOT BE recommending it to any of his fellow light beer drinkers in the near future.  OK by me, that just means more for me to drink.

Well, time for me to walk to the fridge and find today's beer of the day... what will it be?