Tonight is Tuesday, June 26 and vacation is officially 7 days away.  We are unsure if the family mini-van's (yes 365 travels family style if you haven't guessed before) departure time will be Tuesday evening, Sunday afternoon, or possibly even Wednesday July 4th.  There are reasons why ALL of them make sense.  And of course reasons why none of them do.  If I had my way I think I would be leaving tonight.  I am so ready for this 2.5 week vacation I don't know what I will really do with myself.  We are in the midst of a LONG house showing and I feel like it will never end.  We have had over 55 showings in approximately 14 months.  Though this number is a great number of showings we have heard all sorts of replies.  Surprisingly, and almost as equally upsetting, most of the replies start out "We love the place but..." - the list is endless on why they don't love it.  Either way, at this point, I need to escape.  The entire family needs an escape - and this vacation could not come soon enough!  I just hope to be able to find a few breweries along the way!  I will be in Orlando, Miami, then possibly some beachy town area on the way up the East Coast... hard to say which yet.  Depends on how the week goes.  Anyway, enough of my rambling - on to the beer:
Dogfish Head - Burton Baton - Ale flavored with Oak Staves - Grade 4.25
So, I wasn't sure what Oak Staves were I looked it up - turns out they are basically just the oak planks used in Oak Barrels - of course only highest quality oak will do.  I also wondering what exactly the process was to "flavor with oak staves".  I did some quick googling to find that many many bloggers have blogged about this beer; now I am officially added to that list.  This was a tasty brew.  I enjoy this one every time.  Sort of sad to see they made it year round as now it isn't "as special" as it once was.  But happy because I could possibly find this selection anytime I like.  This beer gives many notes of a strong IPA.  It has notes of heavy alcohol with bold citrus flavored hops.  The head of this beer lies gently on top.  The liquid is thick and clings to all sides of you mouth similar to a chip of hop pellet if you have ever attempted to chew on one.  The thickness reminds me of the oils from the hops as they coat my mouth.  The smell has lemons and grapefruit through out the nose.  I always have enjoyed this robust beer and of course am enjoying tonight.  Last nights beer was also aged with Oak but was very different.  Dragon's Milk was definitely good but much more Stout like and/or Dark.  It was good but not quite as balanced as the Burton for sure.  They are both find beers and both high in alcohol.  This beer falls in at 10% which would make it perfect for a spring night, a fall day or this surprisingly cool June 26 evening!  Cheers!

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