_"If I ask anybody who learned to ski after the age of five, they can remember their first day of skiing -- what the weather was like, who they went with, what they had for lunch. I believe that's because that first day on skis was the first day of total freedom in their life.? - Warren Miller

I am a  snowboarder.  Its been awhile but still today nothing gets me amp'd up more about winter and snow then the Warren Miller videos.  This guy was inspirational.  I remember the first few times I 'happened' upon his videos.  I was a bit confused, was this a boring old documentary or was this cool new innovative stuff?  It only took me about 3 to 4 videos to realize he was inspiration.  If you haven't seen his work you don't know what you are missing.  Its a little part history, a little part humor, a little part extreme skiing, and a lot of part fantastic soundtracks.  Well, Warren has nothing to do with beer right?  WRONG... there is the 6 degrees of separation.  Warren Miller knows skiing, boarding and snow; snow is all over this world; one of the most amazing places in the world that has awesome snow is Colorado; more specifically one of my two favorite party towns in America is Breckenridge;  What is in Breckenridge?  Snow?  Yes!  Warren Miller?  Possibly!  Beer... oh yea, beer!  Glorious beer.  Its the common thread between us at 365 and you the reader!  There is a brewery named after this quaint little ski town named Breckenridge brewery.  My friends (and my real estate agent - that should be selling my house right now) are currently out there gliding the powder doing what they do best, relaxing, drinking, partying, and oh yea SKIING too.  Its been awhile since I've been to Breck and I miss it.  I'm actually very jealous!  I love the town so much there is probably some routed connection between this town and my second daughters name of Brecken!  This post is dedicated to Lite and Deb.

But I digress, after a long hard day of riding the back country, catching the fresh powder on peak 7 or Cucumber Bowl, if you come down off the mountain, turn right up Main Street you find the bar up the road on the left.  I don't remember much about their food.  I remember the decor was nice but nothing that REALLY stands out.  But the beer... OH THEIR Beer.  In my opinion this brewery has a some what unfair advantage to most other breweies; most any beer would taste incredible after a long hard day of skiing.  But I'm not skiing tonight; I haven't been today or the last few years actually (but I bet my friends were).  So, here I sit, Breckenridge Christmas Ale in front of me!  Yes... here I sit!

The beer pours nice and smooth, a clean white head fills the snifter glass.  The beer lays down soft and gentle in the bottom of this glass like the white soft snow of the Rockies.  I look down the lip of the glass as if I were looking down the lip of the Horse shoe Bowl about to drop in for the first time ever.  The beer looks up at me and I can almost here it laughing at me just like the Peak 7 did the first time I saw it.  There is definitely a smell about this brew (again my nose has a hard time deciphering smells.  I find this interesting because I recently read someone say that 75 percent of what we taste comes from the smell; an investigation/discussion for another time).  I smell a freshness coming from the top of the glass like the crisp clean are at the peak.  It is sweet, maybe there is a bit of orange peel, some clove, or it could simply be the cupcakes my wife is baking in the back ground.  I put the glass to my lips tilt the glass back dropping in for my ride of fresh brew; the beer glides across my tongue like a fresh waxed board slides down the double blacks.  Hints of spices, cloves and cinnamon seem to spray to the sides as the beer carves through my mouth.  The spice slices through your tongue as the freshly sharpened edges of the board carve the powdery mountain side.  The beer comes to a gentle stop at the back of the mouth .  As I place the glass down, I board the chair lift back to the top for sip number two.  This has a nice mouth feel to it; not very heavy, a fairly easy drinking Christmas Ale, I would put it near the top of my Christmas brews of the years.

This beer doesn't make me think of Christmas though.  It has the hints of Christmas through out it.  This beer makes me nostalgic for another clean/crisp ride on the mountains.  With the forecast of snow in the air I am feeling that tingle that I remember feeling every year for snow.  I remember what I loved about the mountains.  I loved the 'total freedom' that Warren speaks above in the quote.  Maybe as my daughters get older I can persuade one of them to be my riding partner and once again recapture those feelings!

I leave you with this:

"Streets are straight, houses are square, and our bodies are round. We don't belong there. We belong outside, doing stuff." - Warren Miller

Quotes came from the following link.
Main Street Brecken Ridge CO 2004!

01/12/2012 22:29

Loved the review! Breckenridge was awesome, the beer & the town. Can't wait to go back!

01/14/2012 10:12

Thanks for the dedication! We had a great time in Breckenridge. Great town and beautiful mountains! We stopped by the Brewery just for you. Nice place and apparently the beer was good too but you know me I don't steer to far from my usual. Great Review!


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