Ever wonder why a Hamburger is called a Hamburger and it doesn't have any ham in it?  Could it be some crazy McDonald's sales pitch?  Or did Burger King have a pet pig?  Well I decided to check it out for you - it gets its name as so many other things out there get its name from the place of its origin.  That is right - Hamburgers were born in Hamburg, Germany.  The history is quiet interesting if you want to see a bit more of it check out what I found at TLC Cooking Site.  Or do some searching on your own because I'm here to talk about what goes great with hamburgers and that is beer!

More specifically yesterday's beer was B.B. Burgerbrau.  This beer is brewed in the Czech Republic.  I am not going to pretend I speak different languages but the closest site I could find for this beer may be HERE.  I can't seem to find anything resembling this bottle but I do see a lot of beer stuff, so we'll go with that for now.  This beer poured a nice solid yellow in the glass.  It had a thin light coat of head covering the top of the glass.  The smell of a pilsner style beer or German Lager is never pleasing to me.  I can not get the exact smell straight in my nose but it is not pleasing.  The taste on the other hand is a whole other story.  I have found Pilsner's I like and some I don't.  I'm putting this one in the LIKE category.  It was mostly pleasing medium bodied beer with a nice medium malty sweetness.  There was little trace of hops through the glass.  The nice thing about this beer was that it had a somewhat creamy taste to it.  This may have been a refreshing choice to drink with a jalapeno turkey burger had it not been for the nice heavy carbonation in the glass.  Instead of the creamy goodness calming down and helping with the bite - the carbonation picked up each kick of spice and slammed it around in my mouth.  It really did help accentuate the hotness of this turkey burger that I tried.  But in general this was a nice pairing.  One I would love to enjoy again and again.  In general, nice pilsner beer.


06/25/2012 15:49

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