Here it is July is ending and I am just starting my July blogs.  Its been a hectic month to say the least.  We hit the road Tuesday July 3 and did not return to our house till Saturday July 21.  I had thought I would get a chance to blog on the vacation but alas, I was busier on vacation then when home.  It puts a huge smile on my face to say that though as that means that I really did put down all electronics and focus on my family and family fun.  We did all kinds of good stuff that I'll to talk about in the next few blogs; the highlights that I remember - 3800 miles of road warrior travel, 3 different hotels, 5 different beds, numerous friends and family visited, Miami Zoo (fed giraffes), visited the Keys twice (fed some tarpon), oh yea and found a few breweries on the way for sure.  Surprisingly (or maybe not so much) Florida did not seem to have many breweries throughout.  And the few "Florida beers" I found were brewed in the north eastern states of United States.  In general, it was a family vacation for the history books; More specifically it was a much needed break from home and work!  We have not sold our house yet (unfortunately leaving for 17'sh days only resulted in 2 extra showings) but we are still trying.
Otter Creak Brewery - Black IPA - Grade 2.25
This beer poured a dark brown to light black.  The first sip was very roasty and burnt coffee.  It was a strong stout beer with hints of hops in the background.  In my opinion it was to much Stout and not enough IPA.  The best part of this beer was the company it was enjoyed by.  This is the first day of my vacation.  I got to my home town and an old high school friend of my was having a get together.  It was nice to see the old crew.  Reminiss about the old days; play crazy old music and just make fun of all the stupid stuff we used to do.  Always good times to catch up with the crew of the Greenramp.  I luckily got to catchup with the crew on two occasions this trip.  I rare occurrence for me and it was nice.

Saranac Brewery - Rye IPA - Grade 2.75
Happy 4th of July (belated of course).  We as a family were heading out in the car at 3 am from my parents the next morning for a 15.5 hour drive from York to Orlando.  We were able to get out and see some of the festivities in Wrightsville, PA but unfortunately not as much as I'd have liked.  My wife and I needed our rest for the long day ahead of us tomorrow.  Therefore, I drank this beer and called it an early night around 7:30 or pm.  This beer came across with a strong heavy peppery rye spice in the front.  It was a light texture in the mouth.  It had a strong pressence of hop.  I definitely noticed a sharp crisp almost dry finish.  I didn't take the time to pour this one into a glass so I have little to talk about the color and head.  This was straight out of a bottle for me.  I would not have chose this as a good rereshing July 4th beer but for the beer of the day it served me nicely.

Not SURE - Grade ????
I drove 15.5 hours straight through on this day with a family of 4.  We were in a Honda Odyssey for just about 1000 miles.  I got to the hotel around 5:45pm.  The kids were tired and hungry.  My wife and I were exhausted.  We were considering eating at another restaurant but did not want to drive any further.  I have a picture of me sitting at the hotel restaurant "Sharky & Jack's Bar & Grill".  I don't for the life of me remember what it was and if I liked it.  I know it was COLD.  That is about as much as I can remember.  For some reason I can't find my notes on it or a good picture.  Not sure if I counted the beer in the restaurant or if I needed to drink a beer in the room that was unique?  I'm going to let me slide on this one.  I know I drank a DIFFERENT beer but not sure what it was. 
As I was uploading this to the site it REALLY bothered me I couldn't remember this - so I talked to my wife and we thought.  We were at a NON-BEER bar (it had beer but the normal cast of characters; ie Miller, Sam Adams, Bud, ect).  I think it may have been a Labatt's Product.  Do I remember which?  NO!  Do I remember the taste not specifically.  I'm guessing it was Labatt's Blue.  Even in this picture taken by my 4 year old with my phone the beer is hidden by the mustard bottle.

More to come soon.  As always drink responsibly and please remember to stop back and catch up.


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