My last post was on Sept 18, 2012.  That is more days then I care to sit here and do the math that have passed by.  Many days I've thought about coming back in here and posting.  I'm sad that there have been so many beers that have come and gone with no words on my site.  I've been checking in from time to time and there are still folks that pass by my site.  For that I am grateful!  I have put a lot of energy and time on this site.  Trust me if my calculations are right in 2012 I probably logged at least 200+ hours easily on my site.  All for the love of what I was doing.  But then life stepped in, we luckily sold and were able to buy in a great neighborhood.  Had to live with the in-laws for almost 3 weeks which I am completely grateful for the chance to have them close enough for that to be an option.  Then life started slowing down again; we settled in the new house, went through Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and yea, things were starting to slow down.  Sure we busted our rump cleaning the new house, painting, organizing, re-organizing, installing double doors on a new office for myself, adding storage, painting, oh - you get the point.  But still life started slowing down.  I started getting 'bored'; maybe the word 'grumpy' would be used if you asked my better half.  But something was missing.  I had stopped drinking beer every day; heck for January I actually made it a point - NOT TO DRINK during week nights!  YEA... ME - I did that... it wasn't that hard, thankfully.  I just kicked back and relaxed and started running again.  But something was missing...

Time to start brewing!  Yes... that is it - I haven't worked over at the brewery for sometime.  I'm not sure I wanted to go back to that so I decided it was time for another 365 Original Home Brew.  As I type, I have 5 gallons of Irish Red fermenting away.  Can't wait to see how that turns out...

What else happened?  Oh yea, the family and I just got back from a little weekend get-a-way to Kalahari Resorts in Sandusky, OH.  Nice little resort if I do say so myself.  The beer selection was rough!  But they did have a drink there called the 'Captains Revenge' which I HIGHLY recommend.  Nice little weekend to escape and forget about it all.  If  you get a chance to escape for a weekend this is a great little place.  Great water park, arcade, restaurants, food, staff was nice, hotel was clean... Nice!

On the way home we decided to stop by Fat Head's Cleveland.  Now, I've always been one to be a bit "upset" that Glen allowed this to happen.  It was more of a pride thing that I loved Pittsburgh and I thought Fat Head's was a TRUE Pittsburgh gem (I remember going to the South Side location over 10 years ago thinking the place was incredible).  But I think I have a good understanding of what/how/why it is the way it is and though I don't totally love the idea of Cleveland and Pittsburgh being "married" in anyway; if they are ever going to do it this place may be the best marriage ever.  What Matt Cole, the head brewer, does with Yeast, Barley, Water and Hops is truly magical!  And the food itself is well, incredible.  Glen puts together an atmosphere and beer sampling list straight from heaven!  In general if Glen and Matt are not married - well they should be - they would make an INCREDIBLE couple.  And if they are not doing their part to bring Cleveland and Pittsburgh together as one happy family, they should.

Then I get home to Pittsburgh and begin to relax, and what to my eyes do I read a comment/post about my Sept 18 2012 "New Beginning" post.  I want to thank Pavel Feynberg for their nice comments about my post.  I never wanted my site to be a BEER SNOB site.  Or a Beer Experts opinion of the beer.  I wanted it to be about my life, about my journey, about the stories and lives that I have changed or have changed me as a result of beer.  Beer is more then a liquid substance created to alter our egos, kill some brain cells and otherwise make us see the world a bit hazy; ney, it is a substance of community, friendship, and togetherness.  It is the substance that can bring a white colored Republican and blue colored Democrat together at the bar to talk about their children's school problems and not even know each others first name.  Pavel made me realize that I can/do write with honesty and gut.  Its not about the beer - its about the journey.  And for someone to come in here looking for beer but to stay for the story - THANK YOU... that is what I really wanted this site to be.

Tonight's beer was a Fat Head's original - Antagonizor Doppelbock growler from the Cleveland Tap.  I brought it home last night and my wife and I sat and drank it tonight together.  This beer pours a nice redish tint in the glass.  Its clean, clear and ruby red tint it tantalizing from the start.  The first impression on the nose is big and fruity esters.  Almost a banana/black cherry kick that I got but again, I'm no expert here.  The first impression of the first sip is big sweet malty background with the yeasty goodness almost to "Belgium-esque" to be a German beer.  In reading a bit about this Doppelbock style at German Beer Institute I found great information about this style ( you can too by clicking here ).  In general, I found this beer spicy and flavorful with strong fruity esters that on my palate were uber enjoyable ( my 4 year old has been using uber lately a lot - I plan to bring it back in style for her sake!).  Its carbonation was a nice bubbley sweetness on the tongue that constantly left the mouth wanting more.  My wife and I both truly enjoyed this one.

So, am I back?  Not a beer a day for 2013 - I can tell you that.  But I would like to start updating this blog - 4 or more times a month.  It really does make it easier to do if I know people like Pavel are out there not only reading the blog but enjoying what I have to say.  Remember, every beer you drink should have a story, otherwise, you may have to look in the mirror and ask yourself why your drinking it!

Good night for now.  Please come back again soon.