I've made the announcement on Facebook that this week is economy week.  I'll sure this wso first of many I'm sure.  I don't expect many of the beers to be of 'value' to talk much about; so true to form I'm giving a buy one get one blog tonight of last night and tonight's beer in one blog.  The way I see it, the economy is in the dog house and I haven't asked you to pay me a penny.  Heck I haven't even added any commercial(s) or banners to this site yet.  Partially because I am not sure the best way to go about it; or if there is a better or worse site to use for the ads.  I guess a larger part is because I never really wanted this blog to be  about that.  Though, I gotta say, making a few extra bucks doing something I love would be REALLY nice.  Honestly, some day being able to support my family doing something I LOVE (involving beer) instead of working for the man in computer programming at the company I've been at for 15+ years is definitely very appealing.

Also while we are on the subject of the economy, something else I'm hopeful for is a slight increase in interest rates for mortgages.  I am currently in the market to buy a house - so this may sound slightly odd me wishing for this but I have a mission.  The reality is I'm in the market of SELLING a house first.  And I'm of the belief that a slight upturn in interest rates may start moving some people into the thought of buying now (motivation).  This would be "good for me!"  I need buyers.  I need a perfect buyer that is looking for a great 3 bedroom 2.5 bath condo half way between the airport and the city.  The location couldn't be more perfect for the young professional in Pittsburgh.  I'm thinking my "perfect" buyer will be the young professional looking for a great investment opportunity.  Or the older retired couple looking to "downsize" though our townhouse is actually a decent sized living quarter.  This is the PERFECT home for a young retired couple looking to get out of the daily chores of mowing the grass, shoveling the outdoors, painting the exterior, ect.  Please everyone reading this if you could do me a favor and pray a little prayer to who/what ever you believe in (personally our family has been praying to St Joseph the husband of Mary and foster father of Jesus) I would thank you from the deepest of my heart.  St Joeseph, A carpenter by trade, knew all about moving, selling homes and finding new ones (as per the "Joseph Homeseller Kit" I had received as a gift from my in-laws bought from the OLDEST existing Catholic Church in the country).

So, as the economy stinks so do economy beers.  I'm not a snob and there isn't many beers I've turned down.  There are a few beers that I have had a really hard time stomaching.  In general, I can drink just about anything.  Last night's beer, Castello Premium Beer is an interesting one.  I usually like to provide a LINK like this one.  But I am not very sure this is the right one.  As the beers on the site do not look like the label I have in the pic.  I also saw something on a site about a Las Vegas Beer & Beverage Company that had similar bottles on the site.  Yet to find the bottle that I found.  That said, I don't feel like doing much more research.  I know I found another Blog that wrote a review about this (it was last night or the night before and I can't seem to find it again - sorry for not being able to provide the link).  Anyway, it wasn't my cup of tea.  It poured a bright yellow in color.  It was bubbly in the beer but the head was fairly non-existent.  The taste was a typical cheaper lager taste of malt and slight hops.  It had a really bitter after taste that was really not personally appealing to me.  This beer was given to me complements of my father in law.  He should be back home in Pittsburgh in two weeks and I can't wait to "thanks him" for this beer.

Also provided by my father-in-law - Natural Light brought to us by glorious and all powerful Anheuser-Busch.  Insert sarcasm where appropriate.  I'm not even sure I'd like to give their site props as accessing their site was not easy.  Thankfully they do have an "age checker" on the first page (though I'm not really sure I understand this practice on the web - yes, in theory I know what it is there for but if I'm 16 or 18 and on a computer I think I can do the math to make me prove that I'm 21).  Anyway, their age checker was HORRIBLE.  I attempted to enter my date 3 times and then it REDIRECTED ME to another site - I didn't pay ANY ATTENTION TO.  I went back only to get the link.  And I really can't believe that I went to the site in the first place.  Anyway, are you sensing my dislike of this company and product?  OK, maybe not product yet, but let me describe Natural Light (aka Nati-light) as one step up from pond water.  There is really little redeeming taste benefit to this beer what-so-ever.  There is NO texture to the liquid in your mouth.  This is basically water with a bit of food coloring adding to attempt to bring out some yellow - though a dull clear yellow it is.  And the taste, well there is a hint of hoppy bitterness in the back of your mouth.  And I'd be giving it credit to say I taste any malty goodness at all.  Honestly, the non-flavored seltzer waters I have in my fridge from Market District Grocery Store have more flavor then this beer does.  Yes, yes, this beer does have some uses; you may use it to soak the rusty nuts/bolts you have in your garage to help break down the rust; it may not be terrible to use for a seafood boil for shrimp and crabs with tons of Old Bay Seasoning; it is probably not even bad for say finishing up anything strenuous on a hot summer day - provided this is a degree above freezing right out of the freezer.  So, there - see - even though I do not like it, I could possibly seem some merit to purchasing, using, or own this in your house. 

So there you have it.  Two beers for the price of one - That is Economical!  Thanks for reading and please keep coming back for refills!!
I've decided to drink my second payment of computer help from my friends.  I don't think I've drank a Moosehead Lager in sometime.  Its been at least 2 years I would say.  I'm sure my father in law found a case or two of this over the past 2-3 years on sale in one of the distributors.  I'm also sure that if he found it and bought it on sale it was probably old and out dated.  This on seems  bit more fresh and crisp.  It pours a light yellow clear liquid in the glass.  The smell to me in the glass is that typical BEER smell; it is a bit sweet, you get a bit of malty smell there.  True to form with these types a beer the head does not linger long.  I'm almost finished with the beer and there is no head at all left.  The is a medium amount of carbonation it.  The taste is crisp and fresh.  It has a nice malty sweetness to it.  Its balanced nicely between the light caramel taste of the malt and the little bit of bite that comes from the hops.

I've been trying to figure a way to tie this Moosehead to something.  Though, I know I've drank this beer before there is surprisingly no major memory or outstanding story to go with this beer that I can think of.  If you have one, or something related to this beer please - give me some details.  The one funny thing is that it was bought and a free tshirt was provided with the case of beer.  Weren't we just talking about recently?  Well since I really have no more to say tonight - I guess I'll watch the Oscars since they are on.  I really have little interest in this.  I'm not sure why.  Even when I watched a lot of movies I never had interest in this and lately I have not caught many movies at all.  Oh well, I'll have some quiet time on the couch with the wife - which is always nice!

Saturday was fairly a uneventful sort of day; work up (rough), eased into the day, was on call so couldn't get into to much trouble.  Basically, we went out for lunch with the family and relaxed.  Andrea wanted to work on some Wine Cupcakes with a friend coming over so we set up the afternoon to hang out with good friends that we do not hang out with enough these days.  The kids hung out down stairs while we the parents hung out upstairs watching my wife making cupcakes.  We had a good time.

I chose this beer because I actually attempted to brew a knock off of it a few weeks back.  I just kegged it and wanted to see how I did.  Well, the keg is giving me some trouble and the carbonation is not working as I would like so I couldn't really compare the two this weekend but I plan on saving a bottle of the original to hopefully be able to compare once the keg settles down.  I have heard of this beer in the past but really knew little about it.  Interesting enough, the beer has a decent amount of information online.  It is brewed by Greene King in Bury St Edmunds, England.  This beer and brewery has a long history.  The site tells about how this beer is actually made specifically for the 50th anniversary of MG car factory in Abingdon, Oxfordshire.  I actually have a friend that had (if I'm not mistaken it is still in his possession) an MG.  It was a great looking car and I know it was one of his pride and joys!  This beer even has a site for the beer itself HERE.

This beer pours a nice amber tint in the glass.  The head is nice and white and sticks nicely to the glass.  The aroma is huge.  This beer has a big nose.  It is a really nice smell to it.  Very fruity smell almost like one of those R/C sodas or something that was just a little "different" then you were used to with your Pepsi or your Coke.  You place the glass to your mouth and the nose is your first hint this is going to be a bit different then what you are used to.  The taste follows suite, it is a nice texture in your mouth.  It is silky and proper.  It has a bit of a spicey kick to the beer in your mouth.  I get a bit of cherry fruitiness in the glass but then there seems like a dry finish that is almost a little peppery.  The dry finish makes you want to come back for the second and third sip.  It such a prim and proper beer as would be expected from the English.  I just hope my home brew comes out half as fine as this brilliant beverage.  I do have to say though at a lower percent alcohol I do not feel this would be a great session beer.  There is to many unique flavors and characteristics flowing through this entire beer!  This beer is meant to be drank slowly and every sip to be savored.  Enjoy this one and let me know what you think.

Last night was one of the best "date nights" I've had in a very long time.  I was asked by my oldest daughter to attend "Daddy and Daughters Dance Night".  There were a few other dad's that I knew that were going and I knew we would have a great time!  With the exception of the loud squeals coming from the 5-9 year old girls with the changing of every song, the night was actually better then I expected.  We had a great time; I don't get to watch J hang out with her friends all that often and see how she plays and who she plays with.  She only asked me to dance a few songs (thankfully) but I cherished those songs.  I was bummed she didn't come find me for "Daughter's" when it was playing.  That song was playing as we were pulling in the hospital parking lot that crisp early morning when J had decided to be born!  As like high school dances I remember way back when, we "boys" hung to the outside of the dance floor and proudly and with phones snapping pictures watched our girls growing up right in front of us.  It really does bring a tear to my eye when I think about how fast this time right here right now is flying by.  I was honored and privileged to be J's date for the night...

And glad that we went back to our friends house after wards to relax a bit and have a few drinks as we often do!  We had quite a selection to choose from and the night was getting away from me.  It wasn't till 10:30 or 11 I realized I hadn't picked my beer of the day.  That is when Big B said, why not use this hefty hopped monster as your beer of choice, and so I did!  I present to you North Country Brewery Paddlers Pale Ale.  The description on their site reads:
   "This clean, crisp ale was dry-hopped and is as refreshing as a plunge in the Slippery Rock Creek"
And I say, WOW!  It was very clean and crisp.  When they say they dry hop this, I'm fairly confident they didn't save a single hop from the brewery.  If you like HOPPY beers then this is one for you!  Every sip was like taking possibly a Chinook Hop pellet and chewing it by itself.  But, the thing that made this beer work for me was that the malts really were there to support that hop smack!  I'm not sure how they accomplished such a "balanced" beer with that much hop but they did a nice job.  Yes, the Hops are the main character of this play but they are happily supported by the cast and crew of malts that lift them up!

Only being an hour north of Pittsburgh in Slippery Rock, I may just be requested a road trip to sample some of their other fine products.  Big B goes on record stating their Station 33 Firehouse Red is incredible.  I think I see a road trip in the future for Blute 365 Beers!  Now, WHO IS COMING WITH ME?

Sorry about the pic quality lately.  I know they are not my best work.  But I'm just trying to play catch up her

So, I didn't take a lot of notes on this beer.  Honestly, I really didn't take any.  An old friend called me up to help with some computer problems they were having.  It was nice to catch up with them.  We used to play a lot of bocce together up in Kennedy Township.  They were some good times.  A bunch of old Italian guys hobbling around while my friend who was younger then I and not Italian and pretty and myself not Italian and younger by most on the courts had a blast listening to the old Italian guys banter.  We would sit around drinking home made wine and occasionally I would take up my home brew.  On the exceptionally rare occasion one of the old guys would bring up some home made limoncello!  We usually played on the summer nights and had a blast.  Well, it had been awhile since Amy and I caught up so it was a nice visit.  I'm happy to see that her and her (relatively new) husband are doing great.  Still happy as can be... ah, the freshness of marriage.  I remember it so - I think it lasts around 3-4 years if your lucky!  Then of course, the proverbial "shit hits the fan".  Haha, No its great!  I'm happily married for going on 10 years and hoping for 100 more!  I wish nothing but the same for my old bocce friends!

As payment for the computer fix, they offered me a nice Harp, Premium Lager.  I would LOVE to plug their site here but the best I could find was that it was brewed at Guinness Ltd but from their site I could not find a Harp link.  I found some links at BeerAdvocate.com but that is about it.  As I said above, I didn't take great notes on this beer but I would call this a fairly well known brew.  It is quality in a glass by all counts.  It was crisp, it was a nice light yellow color and ultra-bubbly.  As I remember the head was not large and in charge but just hanging out like a low SPF Sunscreen; not really there for protection but gave the beer a nice glow.  All in all it was a nice refreshing beer with some old friends catching up.  The true essence of what beer really!  The payment also included a MooseHead bottle that I have down in my fridge and debating on when to crack that one open.  I will be sure to give the same cute couple a shout out once again!  Also, my apologies for the picture.  I was using my iPhone and didn't really get a great shot.  And it was a new glass style for me this time around also.  I really should have tried harder to get a better shot!


So, yes, we got some really cool information about our daughter this week.  And then you don't hear from me?  My bad, really!  I came down with a pretty bad case of something that really had me feeling like crap!  I'm still not over it but feeling slightly better today.  Lets hope this is the END of my 5 week on again off again sickness.  A 'friend' of mine said a 'good blogger' would tough through the sickness and still write.  Ha, he's probably right.  But I good blogger would be making a few pennies from their site which I haven't begun to think about yet.  So, this is provided free of charge for your reading enjoyment - so, if I'm a day or to late, I guess you just get what you pay for!  HAHA.

So, because of the news Wednesdays we decided to go out and have a meal at The PineThis place has great beer!  We've wanted to try it a few times and just never got around to it.  Well, their Wednesday special was '$2.50 craft brew night' - this should get you thinking to check it out if you haven't.  Honestly, I've been a little freaked out about dates on beers lately. This Great Divide - Hibernation ale showed a bottled date of Oct 17 2008 that had me nervous!  Either the $2.50 price was a steal OR I was getting ripped off drinking something they found in their basement that had been there for years.  Well, in this case it turned out to be the first case.  This was a truly fantastic beer.  This had all the heavy malty quality that I love in beer.  The hop profile was so interesting.  It created like a sweet or almost hidden fruity (maybe banana) quality to it that really made this beer an excellent choice.  The silky smooth texture on my tongue made the beer feel like it belonged there all along.  This beer pours a dark black color into the glass with a nice dirty yellow/brown head.  At 8.7% alcohol this is not a beer to joke around with - after a nice day out in the cold 2 or 3 of these would be perfect by a fire to warm you up!

I did not have this beer with the "recommended" food pairing the bottle/site says of "Roomano, an aged hard Dutch cow’s milk cheese, grilled beef tenderloin, apple crisp with ginger ice cream."  But this went great with the AWESOME fish sandwich I did order at the Pine.  The beer and the restaurant was a great way to come together as a family and enjoy some of the news we got.  So to share,  we received got preliminary scores of an IQ test of our oldest daughter.  She scored a 136 over all which I'm learning is fairly high.  Oddly, my house has been much calmer over the last 2 weeks.  I'm thinking she was maybe acting out because she was not getting the attention her sister was and was bored of the school work she was doing.  That said, we've been giving her more attention and time and things have been much calmer lately.  Hopefully we can keep this going as it has been really nice not yelling all the time.

Happy Fat Tuesday's (Mardi Gras to you all)!  Hopefully you are all out celebrating and having a great time!  This is the day before Lent; the last hurrah if you will.  Ash Wednesday begins the season of lent tomorrow.  I'm not extremely educated on the Catholic way.  Though I'm learning more and more as time goes by.  I'm even considering the fact that some day soon I will convert.  I am not actually baptized at this point.  OH, I've always felt a "religious" connection.  I was raised in a family where my grandparents were extremely religious (maybe a bit to much for my own parent's).  They were not Catholic though - and honestly, I get the religions confused when it comes down to it.  Not sure if they are Methodist or Lutheran.  I sometimes feel stupid about that.  My wife is catholic; we are raising our children catholic; and of course, with all that the questions are already starting to roll in by my 6 year old.  The hard part is taking my ADULT brain and wrapping it around the "ENTIRE" religion of Catholicism.   I know, that is probably bad of me to "choose" something like this major for my children with out choosing for me... But sue me!  haha... I'm still working on this internally.

Anyway, so since it is Fat Tuesday - I decided to pick a Louisiana beer Abita Beer.  This was a very nice amber beer.  It poured aggressive with a lot of nice foamy white head on top.  The taste was a nice mellow malty goodness.  This is the absolute session beer!  I wish I was sitting down south now with a hand full of beads drinking more and more of this.  Who am I kidding, I just wish I had one or two more of these in my fridge to drink.  The flavor is nice smooth caramel goodness.  Fresh and yummy.  I would definitely drink more of these (if I had more downstairs ;) ).

PS.  On a side, I got some INCREDIBLY good news today about my oldest daughter.  I am not ready to go into specifics now.  But let me just say that with the information I received today, it explains so much - BUT opens so many more doors of questions and information gathering.  Since I'm early on in the process I really don't want to speak to much on the subject until my wife and I both have a better understanding of everything.  Suffice to say - I've had an EXTREMELY happy day and I raise my beer to you in a toast!  Here is to you and yours.

Thanks for following.

I don't have much to say about last night.  It was Monday.  And work was work.  Actually work was quiet because it was President's Day.  I guess that is something I could have wrote about here.  But I'm not all that political of a guy.  I remember one time in my school years having to memorize all the President's in order.  There is a skill I haven't seem to need since I've graduated and entered my professional career.  I guess I may have the chance to jump on some game show some day in my life and have a chance to win $1 Million and that will be the question that I'll loose on.  That would be a sad day.  But I could see it happening.

That said, I don't even have a way to "tie this beer" to Monday, or President's day or anything.  Sadly, the Heineken Site suggests this Tarwebok Beer to be drank in Autumn.  As a result, I may not be buying my beers from this distributor any longer.  I'm not sure if this is correct but there is a really crazy date system with Heineken and the number on my bottle is 1189528r1014.  I googled this and if I'm doing the math right this bottle was brewed on Aug 8 or 9 of 2011.  Now, this is a dark wheat and some answers.yahoo.com page stated that the drink by would be 9 months past that.  If I'm "still doing my math right" that means this beer should technically still have been good?  Either way, that was a lot of math and a lot of calculating and work to place on the consumer if you ask me.  When I own my BREWERY my beer names will be "DRINK ON MM/DD/YYYY" for every beer!  You will not have to guess, play games, you will just know.

Now, that said above I guess this beer was still "good".  I wasn't a huge fan of it but actually the more I drank it last night the more I started to enjoy it actually.  It is a traditional wheat bock beer.  The beer pours a nice crystal clear glass of brown beer.  The beer has a bit of light dirty white head to it.  I got a bit of fruity smell from the nose and definitely smelled the wheat/malt smell coming from the glass.  I was reviewing my notes from last night and even still today I'm confused if I liked it.  There was a huge amount of honey burnt caramel taste to the brew.  I almost think that I'm drinking this beer the wrong time of year and/or wrong occasion with the wrong food pairing.  As I listened to my notes I was stating how this was definitely an interesting and complex beer.  It had some spicy notes to it and came across as sort of a scotch or bourbon type beverage.  The carbonation was not extremely huge.  It was a medium body with that honey like texture to the drink.  In general I didn't care for this one but I think it was one that could probably grow on my if I gave it a chance.  Just not sure I will give it a chance.  To many other good beers out there that I do like.

Thanks for listening.  On to Fat Tuesday's post!

So, the year was 2001 and it was over my then girlfriend's birthday month of March that took a flight across ocean to the Boot.  It was the first time I was going out of the country (unless you count Canada - which sort of counts).  But definitely the first time across the 'big drink'.  My wife's mother has family still living in Rome, Italy and we were going on a 10 day vacation to visit them.  I was extremely nervous as I didn't speak any Italian.  I was also nervous because this was the trip I was to propose to my then girlfriend now wife!  I was a nervous wreck hiding the ring and going through the airport, and all of Rome.  I didn't really have it "planned out" of exactly what I was going to do when - but I can tell you all the days we were over I was missing a lot of the city because all I could think about is where/when I would propose to my beautiful bride.  I decided to do it in front of the Fontana de Trevi.  It was a beautiful scene; not quite like you see on TV.  There were gypsy "You Buy Guys" and tourists from all walks.  It was crowded and loud.  But luckily we got a quiet little seat on the left side of the fountain.  My mind takes me back there as if it was yesterday as I write.  I attempted to ask her in Italian - but honestly I think I found simply "sposare" where now I've found "mi vuoi sposare" which I wasn't sure exactly how to pronounce.  And when I attempted to say it I was so nervous nothing came out.  Andrea was starting to look at me weird so I just spouted out - will you marry me?  I still to this day do not think she said yes!  I may have gotten a SURE through the smiles and cheer and happiness; not sure how to take that to this day :)  It was a great trip.  A lot of great memories happened while over there, and yes - I did throw a coin in the fountain in hopes that one day we return.  I would love to show my children that very spot some day as to me it is one of the most magical places on the planet.

Now, another thing in Italy was beer.  I did not find many beers over there I was happy with; I think possibly because of the lack of interest to drink COLD drinks.  Most things they drank were not refrigerated to my memory.  It was all mostly room temp or a bit cooler.  So, when I first tried Peroni some 11 years ago I was not impressed.  It was a bit bitter and not very thirst quenching.  This disappointed me drinking it in the mother land it is brewed.  At that time, I was fine though because you could buy wine that was equivalent to about $5 out of the back of a grocery store that you poured in your own jug that was so incredibly good you didn't need to ask for anything else.  Also, I got to experience multiple spirits that are indigence to the area.  Lets see, there was Petrus, Staga, Galliano, Ameretto, Sambuca, Lemicello and of course Grappa.  I actually became a HUGE FAN of grappa during this trip.  It is an aquired taste but if you get the "good stuff" it can be amazing.

Anyway, side tracked again, back to Peroni.  Today, we went to Anthony's Cool Fired Pizza in Robinson, PA.  This place has great pizza, good wings - and now we found their meatballs are awesome!  Andrea even mentioned that these meatballs reminder her of her grand mother Mommom's ancient family secret recipe.  Even the waiter was nice and respectful and shook my hand at the end of the meal thanking me for coming.  Anyway, I ordered a Peroni because I was in an Italian joint.  I got it on draft in a nice tall thin serving vessel!  It was bright yellow, clear and bubbly.  The carbonation was great in this beer.  It was nice and cold.  It definitely came across with the lager taste that to me is very distinct.  This beer was crisp and thirst quenching.  I actually went back for another.  I would not put it on the top list of must have beers but there are definitely many WORSE options out there.  One interesting note was that I google'd the definition of Nastro Azzurro and found it to stand for 'Blue Ribbon'.  Sadly, then I guess this makes this the PBR of Italy?  I don't know.  I think it is definitely better then American PBR.  Though I did see this is owned by SABMiller which made me think the Italian PBR is probably fairly appropriate.  Also, I was not very impressed by the website as I didn't really see a Peroni Beer Site.  So that is a bit confusing to me as well.  Over all, it was not a bad beer ( I did order a second ).  But I would not rank this high.  The malt profile was a bit low.  The hops were there and present but again nothing massive.

Another Saturday night and I ain't got nobody... OK, so not true - My wife is here, my daughter is curled up on the floor watching The Incredibles, and Daughter #2 is fast asleep in bed.  So, actually so far so good on the Saturday night scene.  My have times a changed; this is actually relatively enjoyable.  Of course, I wish my wife wasn't sick and it would also be fun for an unknown drop by but this is pretty much the American dream I'm living.  I can remember being single, living life to the fullest; out every night; partying hard; boy life was good!  Then I met this really hot chick!  She was awesome, nothing go in my way of hanging with her.  She was/is my lobster and we went out and partied sometimes, and stayed in and hung out; man Life was GREAT!  Then we got married... I don't think for her and I things changed drastically with the marriage.  Except of course, we did move from the east side of Pittsburgh to the West.  We started partying OUT less and hanging in more.  Found more young married couples like ourselves and hung with them; partied hard and things were good.  Life was EXCEPTIONAL.  Sure there is/was times I'd attempt to live life vicariously through single friends; out every weekend partying it up and meeting new girls.  But you know, life is/was good where I was at!  Then we had baby girls!  Two of them just 3 years apart, life has changed drastically for us lately!  Things are challenging.  Parenting is hard.  Don't let anyone tell you differently.  It is a daily struggle of right and wrong!  But life is AWESOME/SPECTACULAR/FANTASTIC!  I don't want it to be any different!  Its great.

Of course, tonight is the night I get a text from my dear brother-in-law - at apparently one of the greatest bars on the planet?  Or at least they have a lot of great beers in Ohio.  Place called Boardman, Ohio - Vintage Estate Wine and Beer.  In his words, not mine this place has "more beers then china has rice!".  Haha, although it is something I would probably say about a place.  I very briefly reviewed the website but jumped quickly as I started thinking. o O ( Ah the life with out kids... how nice!  Look at the places we could go! ) O o . then I smacked myself as I often times do.  It is nice!  I'm sure it is great!  But I am truly happy where I am.  So, I open a new brew and sit back and relax and enjoy "The Incredibles" in the background.

I did go to my beer fridge and search for the "oldest beers in there" worrying about last nights dilemma.  I found an Atwater Dirty Blonde; I cracked it open to try and honestly, couldn't tell if it was bad or was just me being paranoid.  So, to be fair I am not reviewing that beer tonight - instead I'm going to review the last of my bitter beers that I have had stored away for the last 2-3 weeks that I've been excited about.  It is just chilling now.

On to the beer - Monk's Cafe - Flemish Sour Ale - The bottle reads - "Flemish Sour Red Ale - We blend young and old beers to make this mildy sour sour ale.  Light bodied with a lactic/sour nose and a bit of sweet and sour in the finish.  Very refreshing."  As it sits under my nose, I get small hints of sour coming from the glass.  My mouth immediately starts to salivate as I've been looking forward to this beer for about 3 weeks now.  I take a large sip and pow!  It hits me.  It is definitely a sour ale!  I see why the guy at Market District said it has a distinct, acquired taste.  This beer is not for the beginner in my opinion.  Though it is light on the tongue, it is a dark looking beer with a bunch of sour which tries to be subtle but really does not hide itself well.  It is there in the front and all the way through the finish.  The smell is interesting also, it smells of maybe sour apples or something pungent but "fresh" (if that is possible).  It has beer like qualities in the nose of sweet maltiness but the smell of maybe green/yellow apples punches through.  When I poured this beer the head was strong and aggressive.  As I drink it, the head lingers on the side gently and lays on top of the beer silently.  It never leaves as it is proud to be part of this pour.  The color is red'sh brown but in the bowl like glass I poured it into it is hard to determine exactly the color it should be.  But it is pretty.  As you sip it the texture and taste of beer is on the front but it is quickly washed away by a gentle yet secure sour taste that just cleans your palate as if to clear the way for the next sip.  It is a dry taste that definitely makes my mind confused - is it refreshing or is it dry?  It is yummy I know that.  I'd recommend this to any fan of beer looking for something a little bit different and big.  So far, my trips into the sour beers has not disappointed; they are everything I had hoped for in this style and more.  I may have to go back to Market District and look for that other 4 pack the "beer guy" told me was good stuff!  I think I'm definitely ready for more of this style.

EDIT:  Left out the link - as per site: BeerADay which I am assuming is a similar style blog this is a Philadelphia beer?  Seeing as I have a bunch of East PA Followers - please enlighten me.  I'm confused as this beer say "Product of Belgium" on it?  But no, this BeerADay site links this to its site for this brew - I'm cut and pasting so taking NO CREDIT FOR THE FOLLOWING INFO... right or wrong - this is what the site states: 

    Monk’s Cafe is a Belgian beer-lover’s oasis in Philadelphia, billed as a “Belgian Café & Beer Emporium”. Their Flemish Sour Red Ale is a private label beer brewed by Brouwerij Van Steenberge, and rumor has it this beer is actually the same as Van Steenberge’s Bios Vlaamse Bourgogne. But who cares — isn’t Flemish Sour Ale more to the point?

Please - East PA fans - enlighten me and leave notes here.  Either way I REALLY liked this beer!