Boy did I almost 'screw the pooch'!  Ok, weird expression but first one that came to my mind for some reason.  I drank Dale's Pale Ale last night as my beer to blog about.  Sat down tonight started reading and thought... boy this blog sounds familiar.  Please check Feb 10 blog.  I haven't reread it yet but I assume the review is very very similar.  ALL IS LOST I SAID... and I stopped and thought... WAIT... I did drink a beer last night.  I stopped over at the Final Approach Lounge (otherwise known as my father in laws garage) and "enjoyed" an semi-cold can of Busch Light.  Yea, you know my father in law; he is a CHEAP BEER BUYER.  He loves his beers on sale god bless him.  And he saved me on this challenge.  Unfortunately this is the FIRST PICTURE FREE blog I have as I was not going to blog about Busch Light at least not for yesterday... nor was I even going to mention it happened.  I know a joke about something like that... they are OK to date just don't let your friends see you with them!  That doesn't even work for Busch Light.  It is a bad beer.  No real redeeming qualities except I guess I could say it really did taste like a glass of City Water... it was very very watery with a hint of some sort of off 'rusty' flavor.  Absolutely not for me.  Anyway, this was a close call!  I have to start being more careful!  I'm trying to get through my case I have fridge and have been meaning to do inventory.  Guess it is time to do that.

Thanks for stopping by.  And if you care to read what I had ALREADY blogged about last nights Dale's Pale Ale please see below.  It was awesome!  I was actually a bit nervous that the Busch was going to bring points away from it but it was still awesome.

Unbelievable!  I knew this night would have to come - LUCKILY I had a safety beer last night.  Must be more careful!
Can's are attempting a come back!  Microbreweries around the country are attempting to do the otherwise impossible.  It wasn't but 10 years ago you couldn't find a beer in a can that wasn't really part of the big 3 OR a really really CHEAP BEER!  Not so any longer.  I think Oskar Blues Brewery Dale's Pale Ale is one of the first beer's I found in a can that was a microbrew/quality brew.  I can remember about 5 years ago or so at Bocktown Beer and Grill in Robinson PA.  I was talking to the guy behind the bar and he was saying!  Yep, totally worth the extra few dollar's/change that you had to pay for it over others.  He also mentioned that you would be hard pressed to tell it was poured from a can if you put it in the glass and blind taste tested it.  I said, what the hell and tried it.  And couldn't agree more.

This is a great brew.  It pours a nice clean crisp copper color.  The head is soft and gentle laying thin on the top.  It has a nice flowery sweet smell to it that notable flows from the hops.  Its a handsome brew in the glass.  The beer is definitely a Pale Ale with big hop quality.  Actually, in this beer the hops steal the show.  If you are a hop head that enjoys a good quality beer this is the beer for you.  If you haven't tried it you should.  If you have, let me know if you agree.  This malt sweetness is in the background and supports the hops nicely.  It isn't hard to notice the balance in the glass.  But the hops are DEFINITELY the king of this can!  Thank you Oskar for a nice brew like this.  Thank you for showing people that beer can be served in ALL forms.  And can be quality in all!

One other note, I was recently reading an article in Beer Advocate magazine or somewhere (honestly I forget where I saw this - I apologize.  I googled it and did not find the exact article I read.  But multiple other articles talking about the same thing) about canning beer.  There is a company that I read about in Colorado that are starting a mobile beer canning business.  That is how much they believe canning is here to stay.  I think it is a great concept.  The shipping is cheaper.  They are easily recyclable.  All told it is a win win for all!


03/16/2012 09:15

Maybe going forward, drink two (or more) different beers per night to avoid this happening again!

03/16/2012 10:12

Unfortunately, that has been happening more often then I care to mention. The past week or so I worked on not doing that. Luckily last night was not a slip up because of my father! On ward and up ward! I'll be looking for you down in Market Square tomorrow...


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