*** UPDATE AS OF 6/5/2012 *** - So I had another one of these Saturday night June 2 and boy it did not taste anything like the one I remember from 3/7.  Was this one bad?  Was it a new batch?  Eitherway, I'll think twice about reaching for one of these in the future.  It was really not good this past Saturday!  Wonder what the discrepancy came from?
*** END OF UPDATE 6/5/2012 ***

So, here I sit; 8:30pm.  The girls are in their room relaxing (could they actually be asleep already)?  The wife is out with some friends at a Pittsburgh Beer Ladies tasting.  Please check out their blog.  It sounds like they have a ton of events going on and almost has me jealous that I'm not a girl!  Maybe some night I'll throw on a skirt and try to sneak in!  HA... Anyway, so she is out enjoying some nice brews I figure I should be home enjoying the same.  Enter Abita Jockamo IPA.

I did do a little bit of research on this Jockamo story.  I really wasn't feeling like working hard but one of the few sites I found was a Wikipedia site.  The short of it is that it has to do with the native Indians of Mardi Gras.  Though I'm positive there is some great history and wonderful stories to be found, I myself have only been to New Orlean's once for less then 24 hours for work.  I was there long enough to see the town driving in, stop at a hospital for a quick work session, have lunch at some little side shop, back to the hospital and fly out.  So, sadly, I've not been able to enjoy the wonderful parades but strive to get their some day!

I poured this beer into a glass and the color was almost a bit electric red in color.  It actually has a really nice hue to it.  It has a slight haziness to it but I think that is just because of how deeply colored the red tint is to the beer.  There is huge hoppy kick of a smell coming from the glass.  It is so strong that my nose has become a bit numb to the smell and I'm having a hard time describing it.  I think I'm really picking up on the citrusy bite of the Willamette hop.  Even searching on google - took me to Wikipedia I got the description I was thinking of - fruity flowery goodness; spot on.  The hops are strong but what I find in a GOOD IPA is that the malty caramel should be there to support and hold up those hops.  This beer does this well.  The malt and hop balance is superb!  I am really enjoying this beer from finish to end.  Its crisp, fruity, and spicy goodness.  Kudos to Abita!

On a somewhat completely different note, I find myself sitting here watching Drinking Made Easy.  If you haven't seen it, try to catch an episode when you can.  If you have - what are your thoughts.  I definitely see and learn a few things from time to time on this show but I'm not sure if I'm a fan or not.  I think the thing stopping me from loving this show is the fact that I wish I some how pursued their career path.  I am not here to say that job is easy; the same as say Art Mann.  Its completely mindless television.  It takes little to know brain cells to watch and you don't often find your self "learning" much from it.  But they seem to have an enjoyable career.  I'm sure they have their moments.  I'm sure the job isn't easy.  But Man, what was I thinking when I wanted to become a "computer programmer".  Should have "wanted to become" one of these guys :) haha... Anyway, on that note - I bid you farewell.  Untill tomorrow night!


We enjoy reading about all the beers and beer stories this blog reports on. We are in the planning stages for a new brewery in Northeastern USA called Charter Oak Brewing Company LLC and our business plan is to grow to over 25,000BBL within 5 years.
The breweries and stories you report on, allow for much encouragement.

A True Legend!

03/10/2012 14:10

Thanks for your comments! I checked out your site and looks like you guys are doing some great stuff up there. I would love to sample some of your beers. If I ever get up through Connecticut I'll be sure to look you up! And if you ever distribute anywhere in the Pittsburgh area please let me know!


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