Last night was a perfectly wonderful family movie night.  My daughter is 6.5 years old and in general we've kept her fairly sheltered from movies.  She has watched many of the Disney movies out there.  All the princess movies and a bunch of others.  She watches the Disney channel almost exclusively.  Her grandparents and aunt are just back from Florida and went to Universal for the Harry Potter and Butter Beer.  They had a great time and brought back a Chocolate Frog from Honeydukes Sweets Shop.  So, I decided what better way to enjoy the chocolate then to have Family Movie night.  Pop corn popped, bottle of Abita Dark Brown Ale popped, and all settled in for the movie Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone.  Jordan loved it and I loved seeing it through her eye's.  She was mystified by the magic; scared by the creatures; an in awe of the flying brooms.  As a child, I was always so into these types of mystical magical places as well.  And Witches and Wizards have always been a curious interest of mine.  Its great to see your child so excited by similar things.

The beer was definitely a nice dark brown in the glass.  At first glance you may mistake it for a black stout like beer but on closer examination it is definitely nice and dark brown.  It was a nice pour with a 1/4" layer of dirty brown foam on top.  Taking the first sip of this beer I noticed that it was definitely lighter/thinner then I would have imaged.  It definitely didn't carry the "body in the glass" that the color shows.  This was a welcome surprise though as the heavier stout type beers are not one of my favorites.  There was definitely a roaty chocolate taste to the beer with a bit of toffee background.  It was a nice little complex beer with all the little flavors coming through.  The popcorn for the movie and this beer parred nicely together.  I would probably not drink many of these personally but it definitely is a solid beer.  Thank you Abita for the wonderful variety pack I've gone through.  I think most of them are complete now.

I suppose that I'll be watching Harry Potter 1 for a little while now since my daughter is only 6.5.  I want her to learn the characters and understand the story a bit better before moving on to the next one.  I've followed the movies and they only go darker and more serious as the series goes on.  So, I'm not sure when my little one will be ready for part 2.  But I'm anxious and excited when we move on as I think she'll love it.

Thanks for reading and have a great day.


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