First day of Spring has sprung.  I'm not sure what to think of this March here in Pittsburgh.  They say if March comes in like a lion it leaves like a lamb or vice verso, what happens if it comes in easy and gets hot as a mid-summer day?  I'm not complaining that it is to hot.  The sun has been a nice addition to my days of late for sure.  I think it is giving me the much needed vitamin D that was just what the doctor has ordered.  Its been nice to get the kids out of the house the last few nights and let them play and run and tire themselves out.  They don't seem to fight as much outside as they do while inside.  So, tonight I decided to drink a somewhat fruity beer if you will to sort of support my "summer mood" I feel like I'm in right now.  It really is going to stink when Mother Nature decides to pull the carpet out from us.  What is going to be worse is all the people that cry "WHAT HAPPENED TO THE WARMTH".  Remember people, it is March 20 in Pittsburgh, we've seen snow in April even.  So it can still get cold; and if/when it does we could be in for one last doozy.

Anyway, on that note summery fruity beer.  I'm not a big fan of "fruity" beers.  I've had a few strawberry wheat beers that I like; along with a few honey/orange wheat beers.  But in general, fruity beers are a bit to bitter for me.  Abita Brewing produces a fairly nice (yet fruity) Purple Haze that has the kick of raspberry.  It is tart yet it is a fruit that I don't eat a lot and therefor I'm OK with it being that way in this beer.  The great thing about this beer as I poured it into my glass I almost said I saw a purple hint to the pour.  I don't know if it is the lighting now or not but I don't notice it in the glass as much as I did while pouring.  It has a some what "unfiltered" haze to it.  No doubt this comes from the fruit tannins that can cause some filtered haze in beers.  One reason why brewing fruity home brews can be a little tricky in my experience.  Reading the bottle it has some pilsner and wheat malts used in the brewing.  It also stated that the raspberry puree is added after filtration so that could add some pulp to the drink.  I don't mind this beer.  I couldn't drink many of them maybe 2 but the one is nice by itself.  You can definitely get a huge raspberry fruity smell from the glass.

Cheers to Abita for a great name for a solid "fruity" beer.  Have a great night.


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