Today I saw an article on Facebook that posted on the a blog about not liking "fancy beer".  The article makes some compelling arguments.  I can parallel the article to many things in my life that I greatly dislike because of to much choice.  I greatly dislike Starbucks.  Just typing that gets my blood pressure up as I think about it.  Do I buy their coffee?  Sometimes.  But I hate them because it takes 3-5 words to order a coffee.  Some of the words are made up; some are foreign; some are just noises I think.  Then you put on it a price tag that is just crazy for a cup of coffee.  Some argue that you get the experience of the barista, the craftsmanship of a fine grind, and expertly picked and roasted beans.    Though all these things are true, its still just coffee.  Then there are all the 'varieties' in the cookie aisle.  I think there could possible be 5-7 different Oreo Cookies.  Cereal, Yikes!  Fast's Menu's are all over the place.  Choices are every where now.  So, I agree with him - I do remember back where there were less choices in life.  And yes, it was a simpler time and a simpler world.  And man was it nice.  Maybe, just maybe, we don't need this much variety in life.  But after having this much variety and choice just try to take it away.

So, here I am drinking a Louisiana Pecan brew; how is that for choice.  Now, you can have a pecan pie and beer side by side and they may just be the perfect mates for each other.  I was excited about this one tonight.  I'm not a huge pecan fan but I do love a nutty roast/taste/smell.  I think this beer brings that to the table.  Instantly on pouring the beer I got the roasted nutty pecan smell bursting from the glass.  The pour is a orange caramel color in the glass.  There isn't much to speak of head/carbonation in the glass.  It is a little foamy and soft in texture.  Honestly, I think this is where this beer falls just a bit.  My personal preference would be that they attempt to thicken the brew or bring more body to this beer.  Maybe they are going for a light texture to the beer and maybe easier drinking beer.  I would love their take on that.  Personally, the flavor profile for me deserves just a bit more malty caramel thickness to it.  I guess I'm looking to chew on this one a bit more.  I think the roasty pecan is strong and needs a little more body to carry it better.  All that said, that is a minor complaint!  It is a decent beer and with the right food compliment it would be perfect choice.

With that I leave you with the following.  Choices are over whelming, but luckily Patrick Smith - you have the choices and in almost ever bar I've been in even the "craftiest" of beer stores still over one of the original's.  So, crack open a can of Schlitz and enjoy this little clip for entertainment.  Heck grab me one and I'll drink with you!  Cheers.  Please play this with caution - there is a large amount of profanity in this.  Apologize in advance but I laugh out loud EVERY TIME I watch this one.


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