Happy Fat Tuesday's (Mardi Gras to you all)!  Hopefully you are all out celebrating and having a great time!  This is the day before Lent; the last hurrah if you will.  Ash Wednesday begins the season of lent tomorrow.  I'm not extremely educated on the Catholic way.  Though I'm learning more and more as time goes by.  I'm even considering the fact that some day soon I will convert.  I am not actually baptized at this point.  OH, I've always felt a "religious" connection.  I was raised in a family where my grandparents were extremely religious (maybe a bit to much for my own parent's).  They were not Catholic though - and honestly, I get the religions confused when it comes down to it.  Not sure if they are Methodist or Lutheran.  I sometimes feel stupid about that.  My wife is catholic; we are raising our children catholic; and of course, with all that the questions are already starting to roll in by my 6 year old.  The hard part is taking my ADULT brain and wrapping it around the "ENTIRE" religion of Catholicism.   I know, that is probably bad of me to "choose" something like this major for my children with out choosing for me... But sue me!  haha... I'm still working on this internally.

Anyway, so since it is Fat Tuesday - I decided to pick a Louisiana beer Abita Beer.  This was a very nice amber beer.  It poured aggressive with a lot of nice foamy white head on top.  The taste was a nice mellow malty goodness.  This is the absolute session beer!  I wish I was sitting down south now with a hand full of beads drinking more and more of this.  Who am I kidding, I just wish I had one or two more of these in my fridge to drink.  The flavor is nice smooth caramel goodness.  Fresh and yummy.  I would definitely drink more of these (if I had more downstairs ;) ).

PS.  On a side, I got some INCREDIBLY good news today about my oldest daughter.  I am not ready to go into specifics now.  But let me just say that with the information I received today, it explains so much - BUT opens so many more doors of questions and information gathering.  Since I'm early on in the process I really don't want to speak to much on the subject until my wife and I both have a better understanding of everything.  Suffice to say - I've had an EXTREMELY happy day and I raise my beer to you in a toast!  Here is to you and yours.

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