And the Photo Contest winner is... - 365 Beers on the Wall
Thank you for the two contests that joined the competition.  It was my first of hopefully many competitions in the future.  I had two entries that were exactly what I was looking for in the contest.  Even with just two entries it was a hard competition to judge.  I only have one prize to give away in this competition so alas there must only be one winner.  The problem is photographically one picture stands out as the AWARD winner.  It was going for EXACTLY what I wanted in this competition.  The problem with that entry is that it was not beer.  It is a "malted beverage".  The other product is also a great picture with exactly what I was going for in the content, but there was little story or info on why that poor solo Golden Monkey was out in the cold?  So, on to the award!
FIRST PLACE - Victory Brewing - Golden Monkey  by Damien Garloff - This edged out the first place win purely because the fact that there was no doubt this was a beer.  I am a fan of winter and can picture myself in the Poconos or Vermont just after a full day of snowboarding at the log enjoy a nice cold Golden Monkey.  And since this monkey was obviously chilling nicely in the snow it would be nice and cold.  So congratulations Damien.  Please email me your address so I can have your mugs from Promos Online delivered to you.  Also, thank you for your submission.

SECOND PLACE - Twisted Tea - Original - As I said, this was a really tough call - I was personally going for your best BEER picture.  This submission by Kimberly Waibel was excellent.  It was warm and inviting.  It has the tropical flowers flowing from the top of the bottle.  It came along with a little message that "she really only enjoys Yuengling Premium Light when she drinks beer..."  this is her " favorite beverage bought at beer distributors."  For you, none Pennsylvania people out there - we can not buy larger then a 196 oz (I think it is) at one time from any store in the state EXCEPT a "Distributor".  At a Distributor - you will mostly ONLY FIND cases of beer, not half cases, not 6 packs, and most definitely you will not find spirits like vodka, rum or bourbon.  This submission was taken from a birthday celebration for Kim herself which makes me feel even worse about this choice.  I even went online every where and tried to fit this drink into the "DEFINITION" of beer and this probably can be debated till we are blue in the face since some talk about using a clear malt extract and brewing a high alcohol content with removing flavor and color - then adding taste - it came down to this:  Would I use this beverage to review in my 365 Beers?  And the answer is I would not.

Thank you for both submitting.  Thank you all to those that thought about it - next time - join in on the fun!

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